Foto2Avi 4.2

Edit your photos into video with this simple editor


  • Enables you to fit together photos easily
  • More options for photo movies than Windows Movie Maker


  • Inflexible in parts
  • Doesn't auto shrink music


Most professional video editors require a certain level of dedication and time to learn how to use them right.

Windows Movie Maker is fine if you want something basic but if you want something tailored for photo-video purposes, Foto2Avi may be able to help. Foto2Avi is a freeware video/photo converter that allows you to edit footage or photos and convert to AVI, MPEG or FLV format without being Stephen Spielberg. In reality, it's best used as a photo-film editor although you could feasibly use it for simple video editing too.

It's particularly good at trimming audio to fit the need of your creations as it gives you minute control over where your music kicks in and out. It doesn't however automatically shrink footage to fit a music track. Foto2Avi doesn't work using a timeline, like most video editors - rather it takes a step by step approach to piecing together your film which can be very limiting but it does at least make it easy to use.

Foto2Avi is a useful tool for anyone that wants to make their photo collections that little bit more special.



Foto2Avi 4.2

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